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Lot's Salt

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14.19 Jack in the Box
|image= [[File:LotsSalt603LotsSalt.jpg|300px350px]]|name= Lot's Salt Crystal|Manufacturer= [[GodSmiting|Angel smiting]]|Powers= Can turn a Human human into a Pile pillar of Saltsalt|location= Currently with Unknown|owners = [[Balthazar]]|owners episodes= [[6.03 The Third Man]]}}{{Quotation|title=|text= Same thing happened to Lot's wife. Iodize the poor sucker, and your kitchen is stocked for life. |author=[[Balthazar]]|episodessource=[[6.03 The Third Man]]}}
==History==According to [[BalthazarCastiel]] steals , it was created the last time an angel smiting occurred when Lot's wife turned to salt . This crystallized rock can transform a human’s body into a pillar of [[salt|rock salt]]. [[Balthazar]] steals this weapon from [[Heaven]]. He 's armory, and later uses it to transform [[Raphael]]'s [[Vesselvessel]] into a pillar of salt in order to save Castiel.<sup>[[6.03 The Third Man]]</sup> ==Episodes=====[[6.03 The Third Man]]===Before [[Raphael]] has a chance to kill [[Castiel]], [[Balthazar]] appears with Lot's Salt Crystal to destroy [[Raphael]]'s [[vessel]], [[Donnie Finnerman]], by transforming the vessel into a pillar of rock [[salt]], thus forcing him to leave and search for a new vessel. {|align="center"|[[File:BalthazarLot'sSalt.jpg|thumb|left|350px|Balthazar uses Lot's Salt against [[Raphael]].]]|[[File:RaphaelLotsSalt.jpg|thumb|right|350px|Raphael's vessel, [[Donnie Finnerman]], is turned into rock salt.]]|} ===[[11.10 The Devil in the Details]]===[[Castiel]] tells Dean that when angels in Heaven pool their collective power for a mass smiting the effect can lead to a person being turned into a pillar of salt, as with Lot's wife. ===[[14.19 Jack in the Box]]===After being manipulated by [[Dumah]], [[Jack]] turns an atheist into salt with his powers, not requiring the weapon to do so. At the Bunker, Castiel mentions how Lot's wife was punished by turning her into a pillar of salt and how the power necessary to do so cannot be done by a typical angel.
==Lot's Salt in Lore==
[ Lot] was forewarned by angels of the destruction of Sodom and Gomorrah. As he and his family left Sodom, [ his wife] looked back despite the angels telling them not to, and she was turned into a pillar of salt.
[[File:RaphaelSalt.jpg|left|thumb|Raphael's Vessel is Destroyed by Lot's Salt|100px]]
This story, including why Sodom and Gomorrah were destroyed, can be found in the Bible: Genesis 19:1-26. The section where Lot's wife looks back is in Gen 19:24-26.
* This Heavenly weapon was referred to as the "Salt Crystal" in the ''Official Supernatural Magazine'' (Issue #22).
==See also==
* [[Angelic Weapon]]
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