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Lucifer is imprisoned separately from demons, in what is called [[Lucifer's Cage]], and is held captive by the [[The 66 Seals|seals]].
It appears that hell is split up into sections. In a recent interview with [[Sera Gamble ]] it is revieled revealed that Lucifers cage [[Lucifer's Cage]] is in fact the 9th circle of Hell. This section of hell is the worst and according to Sera Gamble not even Archangels can escape without a door way being opened from the outside: eg [[The 66 seals Seals]] or [[Horsemen rings's Rings]]. Other evidence is when [[Azazel ]] contacts [[Lucifer ]] and states that Lilith is "trapped deep, deep within the pit". Another is when Sam and Dean trap a demon and Dean states "send him somewhere were he cant hurt anyone"<sup>[[4. Also lesser22 Lucifer Rising]]</weaker parts of hell allow Demons to "slip-between-the-cracks" and enter our plane. Eg Meg, Azazel and Alastair. However, its weird that a Demon of lilith's stature couldn't just simply teleport herself. She herself is far more powerful than Alastair and he can travel between Earth and Hell with ease. sup>

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