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* Sam uses an iron bar to repel the [[Acheri Demon]] in [[2.21 All Hell Breaks Loose: Part One]].
* In [[2.22 All Hell Breaks Loose: Part Two]] a [[devil's trap (symbol)|devil's trap]] made of an iron railroad, is what keeps the [[Yellow-Eyed Demon]] from the devil's gate in Wyoming.
* [[Bobby's Panic Room]] is made of iron walls coated with [[Salt]]and a [[Devil's Trap]] thats light is shown down from the ceiling; it is first shown in [[4.02 Are You There God? It's Me, Dean Winchester]].* In [[4.06 Yellow Fever]], Sam and Bobby use an iron chain etched with spell work to trap and drag a [[buruburu]] behind the [[Impala]].
Sam and Dean feel cold iron is the best way to repel a spirit.<sup>[[BoM]]</sup> They usually employ fireplace pokers, and on at least one occasion a wrench.<sup>[[4.17 It's A Terrible Life]]</sup> Their [[hunters|hunting]] relatives also made use of iron. A house belonging to the Campbells, [[Mary]]'s family, was outfitted with iron fixtures.<sup>[[5.13 The Song Remains The Same]]</sup> [[John]] owned an iron axe that is eventually used by Sam to behead [[Leshii]].<sup>[[5.05 Fallen Idols]]</sup>

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