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Future Castiel

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Future!Castiel is a version of [[Castiel]] 5 years into the future of 2009. In 2012, [[Lucifer]]'s minions re-released the [[Croatoan]] demon virus - in this post-apocalyptic world, most humans have been reduced to murderous zombies. Castiel is at [[Camp Chitaqua]] with [[Future!Dean]], [[Future!Chuck]] and other survivors.
Future!Castiel informs Dean that sometime after the [[Croatoan]] virus was released, the [[Angels]] left, and so did most of his angelic powers, so that Cas is now effectively human. He can however detect that Dean from 2009 is different from [[Future!Dean]]. He is embittered at his situation and has immersed himself in "women and decadence". When Dean first encounters him, he is organsing an orgy, and is a bit out of it.

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