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Tin hat

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Tinfoil or tin hats is a term that originated from people wearing [ tinfoil hats] to keep out the "alien signals" and is generally used to describe the super paranoid or conspiracy freaks.
A fan is said to be wearing a "tin hat" or engaging in "tinhattery" when they are convinced they are being sent secret signs that their boys are really IN LOVE and DOING IT, for example [ secret messages] being sent through the clothing the that Jared and Jensen wear. Blind items in gossip columns are also a common source of secret information.
Any information that appears to contradict this belief is rejected and said to be the work of the Network PR mavens or other evil doers (such as fake girlfriends). Weddings to people of the opposite sex are claimed to be merely elaborate means of concealing the true love, in this case of Jared and Jensen.

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