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Username at Super Wiki= Missyjack
Username on LJ = Website: [ MissyJackMissyjack] (sensing a trend here?)on LJ
Contact email = missyjack at livejournal dot
I have been active in Supernatural fandom since around March 2006after discovering Supernatural when it first aired in Australia in January that year. I write fic in all genres but am primarily known as a producer part of the fandom on [[ crackLivejournal]]. where I also love to write thinky things about the showmeta, various bits of bizarre crack and co-edited [ "Some of us really do watch for the plot"], a collection of meta essays by fanssome fanfic.
My interests on I started contributing to the Supernatural Wiki are around documenting canon in late 2006 and fanonbecame part of the admin team in late 2007. I also run @SuperWiki on [[Twitter]] which started in April 2009.   Other Supernatural Writings:* Co-edited [ "Some of us really do watch for the plot"], particularly a collection of meta essays by fans. * Back in Black in [[In the trivial Hunt: Unauthorized Essays on Supernatural]]* A box of mirrors, a unicorn, and a pony in [[Transformative Works and quirkyCultures]]- [ php/twc/issue/view/5 Source]
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