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Jimmy Novak

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*Jimmy Novak is one of [[Castiel]]'s Special People.
*Apparently Jimmy is Castiel's vessel because he is durable enough to contain him, as this was reveled in 4.01 Lazarus Rising. Dean questioned Castiel and asked why he didn't talk to him face to face, Cass replied, "It is very difficult to find the perfect vessel that is willing to give their consent and is durable to contain their angel" (Not an exact quotation, this quotation is in a different form, but its meaning is parallel and similar to Cass's exact words).
Jimmy is a devout Christian who was chosen by [[Castiel]] to be his [[Vessel]]. A very devout Christian, he prayed for years to assist the Lord. [[Castiel]] proves his existence to Jimmy through miracles such as allowing him to plunge his arm into boiling water unharmed. His wife does not believe him and begs him to get psychiatric help.
After [[Castiel]] possesses him, around the time he saves Dean from hell, he leaves his family for over a year, only to return when Castiel is recalled to Heaven for "reindoctrination" after concern from his superiors that he was becoming disobedient and too close to Dean <sup>[[4.20 The Rapture]]</sup>. However, demons eventually track him down, putting his family in danger. His wife becomes possessed and shoots him, but when [[Castiel]] possesses his daughter [[Claire Novak]], Jimmy (near death) begs to be allowed to be his [[vessel]] again in her stead.
It is not stated what happens to [[Jimmy Novak]] when [[Raphael]] destroys [[Castiel]] at the end of [[4.22 Lucifer Rising]]. It could be noted that [[Anna]]'s body was also destroyed when she regained her [[Grace]]. According to her she called in a few favors from her superiors and she regained her human-like appearance. If [[God]] really did resurrect [[Castiel]] from the dead maybe he gave Castiel back his human-like appearance aka '''Jimmy's body'''.  In [[5.14 My Bloody Valentine]], [[Castiel]] devours hundreds of burgers, as [[Famine]] amplifies his vessel's craving for meat, suggesting that something of Jimmy Novak still exists.

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