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Username at Super Wiki= Missyjack
Username on LJ = Website: [ MissyJackMissyjack] (sensing a trend here?)on LJ
Contact email = missyjack at livejournal dot
I have been active in Supernatural fandom since around March 2006after discovering Supernatural when it first aired in Australia in January that year. I write fic in all genres but am primarily known as a producer part of the fandom on [[ crackLivejournal]]. where I also love to write thinky things about the showmeta, various bits of bizarre crack and co-edited [ "Some of us really do watch for the plot"], a collection of meta essays by fanssome fanfic.
My interests on I started contributing to the Supernatural Wiki are around documenting canon in late 2006 and fanonbecame part of the admin team in late 2007. I also run @SuperWiki on [[Twitter]] which started in April 2009.   Other Supernatural Writings:* Co-edited [ "Some of us really do watch for the plot"], particularly a collection of meta essays by fans. * Back in Black in [[In the trivial Hunt: Unauthorized Essays on Supernatural]]* A box of mirrors, a unicorn, and a pony in [[Transformative Works and quirkyCultures]]- [ php/twc/issue/view/5 Source]
[[CAtegory:Regular Contributors|M]]
Hi, I'm not sure if I'm supposed to reply here.
Sorry about the image naming and all my stupid mistakes, I'm still kind of getting the hang of the wiki editing thing, I've never done it before this week, so, sorry about that.

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