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Glenwood Springs Psychiatric Hospital (GSPH)

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Glenwood Springs Psychiatric Hospital (GSPH) was is located somwhere in the state of Ketchum, Oklahoma. Apparently this crazy ward was infected and infested with a Wraith. This wraith apparently, likes to absorb brain matter from a person’s body. In order for this to happen the wraith had to feed on the brain through a thin pointed protrusion that emerges from her wrist which she inserts into the brain.
===Group===Group was a type of therapy tool or method that was used at '''Glenwood Springs Psychiatric Hospital''A [[wraith]] is feeding on patients'brains, amplifying their psychosis in order to saturate the brains in neurotransmitters.
==Hospital Staff and Hospital patients=====Staff===*'''[[Dr . Fuller]]'''- was one of the Psych ward counselors and was a staff member of Glenwood Springs Psychiatric Hospital. Sometime in the year of 2010 he met up with the Winchester brothers. After He conducts an unnatural discussion he had assessment interview with them, he decided to place both Dean and Sam under psychiatric help. In doing this Sam and Dean had - when they simply explain that they hunt monsters and are trying to stay at stop the psych ward [[Apocalypse]], he admits them for a few daystreatment. He decided to put Dean and Sam also conducts the group therapy session in separate therapy groups, which everyone called "Group"Sam takes part.
*'''[[Dr . Erica Cartwright'''- ]] was an hallucination who appeared to Dean as a doctor who worked at '''GSPH'''.
 *'''Wendy''' - was a very attractive woman, she seemed to enjoy flirting and making out with the hot staff members of '''GSPH''', and apparently with patients as well, as she did with Dean and Sam Winchester.  *'''[[Karla]]'''- was apparently a staff member who conducts medical exams on Sam and Dean at Glenwood Springs Psychiatric Hospital, she was apparently hired for the job sometime in the year of 2010, and this is very ironic because this was then the wraith attacks started. It was eventually reveled that she was a [[wraith]], who went under the name Karla. Apparently this wraith attacked many upon many of patients.
*'''[[Martin Creaser]]'''- was a hunter who saved [[John Winchester]]'s life many times. He apparently stopped hunting after an incident in Albuquerque, which Sam and Dean knew about. The details of what happened are not revealed. He was discharged one month prior to the events of [[8.09 Citizen Fang]].
----  *'''[[Dean Winchester]]'''- was temporarily a patient at '''GSPH'''. Apparently when Karla touched Dean, she put him under a Under the [[wraith ]] spell which made caused him go insane to hallucinate and over time he became more crazy. Her spell apparently, made him dizzy at times, and on occasions he seemed to have hallucinations.   *While staying at '''GSPH''', Dean was for a short period of time a part-time member of the therapy sessions which was called Groupbecome disoriented.
----  *'''[[Sam Winchester]]'''- was temporarily a patient at '''GSPH'''.Apparently when Karla touched Sam, she put him under a Under the [[wraith ]] spell which made him go insane and over time he became more crazy. After having a conversation with Sam, Dean, at first thought Sam was just drunk. This insanity was eventually made clear to dean, that in-fact Sam was under the Wraiths spell. *While staying at '''GSPH''', Sam was for a short period of time s anger became amplified into a part-time member of the therapy sessions which was called Groupmurderous rage.
*Wendy was a fellow patient who randomly first kissed Dean and later Sam Winchester, saying she preferred him because he was "larger".

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