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The term slash refers to stories in which a homosexual relationship between two characters is portrayed, whether the sexual part of the relationship is explicitly described or not. Slash generally refers to male character/male character, female character/female character is usually called [[Fem Slash]].
Although there exist other slash pairings in Supernatural fandom, [[Sam/Dean]] (aka [[Wincest]]) is the most popular. Rising in popularity since the beginning of season four has also been [[Dean/Castiel]]. Based on an analysis of nearly 30,000 stories fanfiction listed in the [[spnnewsletter|LJ Supernatural newsletter]], approximately 39% of Supernatural fan fiction is Wincest. The [[RPF]] pairing of Jared/Jensen is second in popularity. Rising in number since the beginning of season four has also been [[Dean/Castiel]].
Occasionally one or both of the brothers will be slashed with minor and/or recurring male characters; OMCs; or characters from other fandoms, including characters that have been portrayed by either [[Jensen Ackles]] or [[Jared Padalecki]] in another tv-series or movie (e.g., Sam/Jake from Devour, Sam/Alec from Dark Angel, Dean/Dean from Gilmore Girls). (See also: [[Crossover]]).

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