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Michael (Apocalypse World)

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With the [[Apocalypse]] having gone forward, Michael emerged as victor, having killed his Lucifer at some point in the past over Abilene. Having conquered the planet, Michael did not bring paradise to earththe world, but continued to fight various battles and wars against humans and demons, ravaging the planet and turning it into [[Apocalypse World|a post-Apocalyptic wasteland]] after [[God]] failed to return after Lucifer's defeat.
Once Michael took over [[Dean Winchester]] as his [[vessel]], he stated his intent to "do it right" in the Winchester's world. Due to his ability to tap into Dean's memories, Michael came to the belief that God / Chuck moves would move from one universe to another when He realizes realized each is flawed, causing Michael to change his plans from trying to bring paradise to the world to burning it down and moving on to other universes to do the same until he catches up with his Father.
Possessing an unknown man in [[Apocalypse World]], Michael would appear in a dark trench coat. [[Lucifer]] called him stronger than the [[Michael]] of his universe and he easily defeated Lucifer in a fight, after his vessel was damaged by [[Jack]]'s power, Michael declared himself unable to beat Lucifer again. In the body of [[Dean Winchester]], Michael was stated to be stronger than he had ever been.
After gaining consent, Michael initially lent Dean access to several of his powers to fight Lucifer, particularly his teleportation, strength, and flight capabilities. After Lucifer's death Michael took full control of Dean's body and disappeared into the world. Michael would also would go on to change Dean's attire from plaid to a 1920s-style suit and cap.
Due to leaving the door open a crack in Dean's mind when he left, Michael possessed the ability to see through Dean's eyes even when he was not in his body, resulting in dizzy spells for Dean. Even while locked away inside of Dean's mind and cut off from all contact with his [[Michael's Monsters|monsters]], Michael appeared to be aware of what was going on in the world around him as he knew about Dean's plan with the [[Ma'lak Box]] without being told.
===Powers and abilities===
* Celestial energy – Michael was able to channel his power into balls ripples of energy when attacking enemies.
* [[Clairsentience]] – He could sense that [[Lucifer]] was from another world, as well as the different energy flowing from [[Dark Kaia]] and her [[Kaia's Spear|spear]].
* Flight – Unlike previous angels, Michael showed the ability of flight and levitation.
* [[Mind hacking]] – Michael was able to "hitch a ride" on Lucifer's temporal lobe, allowing him to see his universe as well as compel Lucifer to talk about it and its creation.
* Super strength – Michael had strength above that of Lucifer, claiming to have ripped his Lucifer to pieces above Abilene, Kansas. During a fight with Lucifer (who was at full power) when he first arrived in [[Apocalypse World]], Michael easily defeated him and nearly broke Lucifer's arm.
* [[Telepathy]] – While trying to find what the beings of Earth wantwanted, Michael read the mind of a Muslim man, Jamil Hamed.
* [[Teleportation]] – Coming from Apocalypse World, Michael was the only angel in our world still capable of teleporting due to his [[Angel Wings|wings]] being intact.
* [[Telekinesis]] – Michael could move objects and people with thoughts alone.
* [[Angel cuffs]] – After the alternate-[[Bobby Singer (Apocalypse World)|BobbySinger]] was able to modify the spellwork on a pair of specially-etched hand cuffs, they were able to negate Michael's powers.
* [[Archangel blade]] – In the hands of another archangel, the blade was capable of killing Michael.
* [[Holy fire]] – While unable to kill Michael, holy fire had been shown to be effective against him. A line of holy fire held Michael back for a time with Michael appearing to not be able to cross it. A holy fire Molotov cocktail caused Michael immense pain and distracted him long enough to be handcuffed. However, Michael was quickly able to put out the fire and was otherwise unharmed.

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