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Actor Injuries

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'''AUGUST 2005:''' [ First mention of Jared and Jensen off screen together in a bar brawl]. There are a number of versions of the story. It is not clear the extent of Jaredand Jensen's injury injuries but it was reported that Jared had a broken hand during the filming of [[1.03 Dead in the Water]].
When "Supernatural" premieres on [[The WB]] on September 13, be sure to pay close attention to the fight sequences. The stars of the occult-themed thriller, "Smallville's" Jensen Ackles and "Gilmore Girls'" Jared Padalecki, have been trained quite well. According to Page Six, the actors, who play brothers on the show, were attacked by a group of drunken thugs one night after filming in Vancouver. The pack of unruly goons "mistook Jared and Jensen for two guys who had hassled them earlier in the evening," according to the show's co-executive producer Peter Johnson. But instead of running off, Jared and Jensen took on the group, using the martial arts training they received for "Supernatural". "They picked the wrong pair," said Johnson, who says the gang of drunks needed an ambulance after their fight with the actors. Padalecki and Ackles, however, suffered only minor injuries.</blockquote>
"When we walked into the place, there had just been a fight inside the bar, but we didn't know that yet," Padalecki explains. "When we started hearing them talking about the fight, we decided it was best to leave, but when we went back to the front, the guys there thought we were some of the guys they had been fighting with so they basically continued the fight again."
"It was life imitating art," Ackles jokes. "I've just got to play the role of older brother and show this young whippersnapper how they do things in Vancouver."</blockquote>

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