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Soldier Boy

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Season Three
As filming started on Season 3 of ''The Boys'' in February 2021, it was announced that [ a number of ''Supernatural'' alumni are joining the series.] In addition to Jensen, they include writer [[Meredith Glynn]] who is fresh off ''Supernatural'', and [[David Reed]] who left ''Supernatural'' in 2012 and has since worked on ''Revolution'', ''Aquarius'' and ''The Magicians''. They will both join the series as who joins as executive producers. [[Jim Michaels]] who was a co-executive producer based in Vancouver for ''Supernatural'' took on the same role, but left the show partially through the season. Already on-board alongside [[Eric Kripke]] are executive producer and director [[Phil Sgriccia]] who left ''Supernatural'' at the end of Season 14, and composer [[Christopher Lennertz]].
[ Kripke posted a reaction shot] from a production meeting for the "Herogasm" episode. In the comics, "Herogasm" is an annual Vought-sponsored bacchanalian weekend of sex, drugs and anything goes.  [[File:Soldier boy first release.jpg|right|thumb|300px|Jensen as Soldier Boy in the first official photo released via Jensen's IG]]* [ Promo for Season Three]* Dates for the release of Season Three via @TheBoysTV::June 3 - Episodes 301-303:June 10 - Episode 304:June 17 - Episode 305:June 24 - Herogasm:July 1 - Episode 307:July 8 - Season 3 finale
==Jensen as Soldier Boy==

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