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Led Zeppelin

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Led Zeppelin are also [[Dean Winchester]]'s favorite band. Within the show Dean has cited his favorite songs as "Ramble On" and "Traveling Riverside Blues" in episode [[4.18 The Monster at the End of This Book]], and in [[8.14 Trial and Error]] a vinyl copy of Led Zeppelin's debut album can be seen in Dean's bedroom in the [[Men of Letters Bunker]]. Dean got his love of the band from his parents. We learn in [[12.01 Keep Calm and Carry On]] that Mary first gave her phone number to John because he "knew the words to every Zeppelin song".
A promotional for the final episodes of ''Supernatural'' paid a small homage to Led Zeppelin by using the tag line "Good Times. Bed Bad Times. End Times." "Good Times Bad Times" was the opening track to Led Zeppelin's self-titled debut album.

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