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[[File:Poetry publicity.jpg|;eft|300px|thumb]]
Find out all about Misha's new show ''[[RoadFood]]: Discovering America One Dish at a Time'' and also [[Some Things I Still Can’t Tell You]] his new book of poetry which [ debuted on the New York Times bestseller list at #4].
** [ Promo clip for Road Food]. [ Eric Kripke tweeted in response "AMAZING. @mishacollins you don't know this, but I'm OBSESSED with Jane & Michael Stern. Their @Roadfood123 & "Encyclopedia of Bad Taste" were CORE inspirations for the #SPN road trip vibe. So you're bringing it FULL CIRCLE, my friend. I'll be watching. #SPNFamily"
** [ Interview with Misha about Roadfood and his poetry book] by EW
** [ Post by Danneel about Misha's poetry book] with a photo of Jensen reading it.

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