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Soldier Boy

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Jensen as Soldier Boy
“It’s been awesome. I mean, I love the guy so much. And just to have him read my words again is such a treat. I mean, on the first day of dailies, I reached out to him. Funny enough, his very first scene as Soldier Boy was taking place in a shitty motel room. And so he’s in this shitty motel room reading my words. And I just was like, ‘This is great. This feels like coming home.’ It’s been awesome. The cast loved him. They saw immediately what a good dude and what a really fine actor he is. And really all of our conversations have been about how to make sure that this is not Dean Winchester. How do we give him a look that feels a little different and register of voice and mannerisms? I think he and I are both really interested in creating a different character. So it’s been a blast. I mean, he’s such a good actor. The metaphor I use is he just has a lot of Crayons in his Crayon box and you can really use all of them to do something, I think, really nuanced.”</blockquote>
[ Video of the cast] of ''The Boys'' at the end of filming Season 3 including Drunk Jensen! (aka [[Nesnej]])
[ Kripke tweeted] : "I just saw dailies with @JensenAckles that are SO FUCKING WEIRD & FUNNY & a scene I've always wanted to do! I wiped a tear laughing. So happy to be working with him again. Wait till you meet [[Soldier Boy]]"
[ Why the superhero genre is the perfect vehicle for a satire for our perilous times]. An interview with Kripke by The Hollywood Reporter
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