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Hand of God

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The Hand of God is also a catch-all term used to describe any antediluvian object that [[God]] has touched on Earth during biblical times, imbuing it with traces of His power. According to [[Lucifer]], there were several God-touched objects on Earth at one point, but they were believed to not have survived the Great Flood, let alone made it to the 20th century. The power that emanates from the a Hand of God is too potent and unstable, making it dangerous to touch bare handed, as a mortal would not be able to survive long making direct contact with the object. [[Angels]] and a few [[demons]] are the only creatures that can withstand and harness its power. These objects can only be used once -- after the power within is drained, the object is rendered useless. When used properly, these weapons can destroy any creature in all of Creation.
==Hands of God==
* [[Horn of Joshua]]: The shofar used by Joshua to win the Battle of Jericho. It was located in the An-Nafud desert in Saudi Arabia by Noel, who sells it to Crowley in exchange for the return of his [[soul]]. With the horn in his possession, Crowley meets with Sam and Dean in St. Louis to make a deal. The horn in exchange for imprisoning Lucifer in [[the Cage]] once again. After discovering Rowena is alive, the trio decide to use the shofar as bait to lure Lucifer into an trap of Rowena's design. Unfortunately, the holy fire and the trap eventually fail, allowing him to steal the shofar. When Amara appears, having tracked Rowena when she left her side, Lucifer absorbs the energy in the horn and aims it at her, but it proves to be ineffective against Amara, only appearing to slightly annoy her, leading to Lucifer's capture by Amara. The shofar is currently located in the [[Men of Letters Bunker]].
* [[Adam's Rib]]: One of Adam's ribs, which was used by God to create a mate for the first man in [[Eve]]. Adam reveals to Jack and Dean that one of his ribs has enough of the spark of the divine to create life, as well as destroy God. In conjunction with Jack strengthening his vessel with [[Grigori]] hearts and regaining his soul through [[the Occultum]], using the energy within Adam's rib will would cause an elemental chain reaction inside Jack's body that fuses fused Jack's soul and grace into a metaphysical supernova, turning him into a living black hole for divine energy. However, this plan is was revealed to be another manipulation of Chuck's. [[Billie]] temporarily teleported Jack to [[the Empty]], making the [[Cosmic Entity]] absorb the explosion. As a result, Jack became a power vacuum for [[Spiritus Vitae|life energy]], absorbing power wherever he goes. Jack begins absorbing celestial power when [[Michael]] and Lucifer battle each other in the Bunker and absorbed cosmic power when Chuck killed Michael and whaled on Sam and Dean, making Jack powerful enough to steal Chuck's power. As a result, Jack becomes the New God and Chuck is rendered human, completing Adam's revenge on God.

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