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14.18 Absence

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Sam and Dean don't share a heaven in 5x16. Dean enters into memory with memory-Sam, then has to drive the Axis Mundi to find Sam, who is having his own memory (that doesn't include Dean). By comparison, Amelia enters Heaven to find Jimmy immediately there
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[[Mary]] is said to be at peace in a special [[Heaven]] with [[John Winchester]], confirming for the first time that John made it to Heaven after escaping from [[Hell]] in [[2.22 All Hell Breaks Loose: Part Two]]. While only Mary's name is listed on the door to her Heaven (with her two death dates 1954-1983 and 2016-2019), in [[5.16 Dark Side of the Moon]], [[Ash]] described that while most people had individual Heavens, some "special cases" shared a Heaven like soul-mates, which may be the case for Mary and John. This circumstance was also seen with Sam and Dean sharing their Heaven in the episode and later[[Jimmy Novak|Jimmy]] and [[Amelia Novak]] in [[10.20 Angel Heart]]. [[Dumah]] does describe Mary's Heaven as a "special Heaven" and says that Mary is complete. In [[14.19 Jack in the Box]] she confirms that Mary and John share a Heaven.
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