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Lineage the Series

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'''''Lineage''''' is a tv series inspired by ''[[Supernatural]]''.<ref></ref> It was originated and will be directed by Victoria King. <br>
The first season will be released on a television network after production meetings take place by 2021 <ref></ref>. (NOTE - this was not the case, there's no indication a television network was ever involved) <ref></ref> after the end of Supernatural's [[season 15]], possibly in late 2020. The first season will consist of 16 episodes.<br>
King plans to travel around hoping to involve fans as much as possible in the making of the show. A handful of casting positions is open as well, such as hunters, monsters, and demons.
===Recurring Cast===
*Kevin Sanders *** as Jackson Harper
*Tamalii Campbell as Draven "The Raven" Bancroft
*Lexington Abellera as Braxton Westbrook
*Kristi Sustrick as Sage Lovecraft
*Clay Murray ** as Alec Colt
*Kahala Pacrem as Loveta Wakefield
*Ian Foote as Zaaron Westbrook
*Matthew Tarricone as Deacon Collins
*Bridget Reilly as Cassandra Collins
*Timothy Maverickson as Azazel
*CASTING for Charmeine
==Production Team==
*Victoria King - Creator/Lead Screenwriter/Director
*Kelly Kincaid- Scriptwriter
*Kristi Sustrick - Executive Producer/Legal Department
*Lexington Abellera - Executive Producer/SAG Affiliate
*Robyn Dennison Lancaster - Prop Manager/Costumer
*D.L. Monico - Camera Operator / Director
*Ian Foote - Camera Operator/Lighting Specialist
*Tristan Pete - Lead Camera Operator/Lighting Specialist/Audio Technician
*Danielle Patton - P.A #1

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