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Tin hat

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Most tinhatters are harmless. However as with any fandom, some tinhatters can manifest an extreme obsession with the topic. This may include direct attacks on people associated with Jared and Jensen through social media sites or blogs, stalking (online and in real life) and doxxing (revealing of personal information such as home addresses online).
The main gathering place for the extreme tinhatters has been the SPN-gossip community which was created on 19 April 2009 on LiveJournal and later moved to Dreamwidth. The latter was was suspended by Dreamwidth on 31 July 2021. Both actions were in response to people on the community repeatedly posting residential addresses related to Misha and Jensen.
[[Image:Tinhat.JPG|300px|thumb|right|2009 [[WinchesterCon]] Winning Tin Hat by huggenkiss]]

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