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Soldier Boy

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Jensen as Soldier Boy
Jensen also impressively grew out his beard between the end of filming ''Supernatural'' in September 2020 and starting "The Boys" in May 2021, and will sport it in the early appearances of Soldier Boy. Due to COVID restrictions, Jensen was required to quarantine in Toronto for 14 days before being able to start filming. He is expected to be in Canada filming the series until August, and will not be able to travel home to Austin during that time.
[ Eric Kripke talked to ''The Wrap'' about working with Jensen again]:<blockquote>
“It’s been awesome. I mean, I love the guy so much. And just to have him read my words again is such a treat. I mean, on the first day of dailies, I reached out to him. Funny enough, his very first scene as Soldier Boy was taking place in a shitty motel room. And so he’s in this shitty motel room reading my words. And I just was like, ‘This is great. This feels like coming home.’ It’s been awesome. The cast loved him. They saw immediately what a good dude and what a really fine actor he is. And really all of our conversations have been about how to make sure that this is not Dean Winchester. How do we give him a look that feels a little different and register of voice and mannerisms? I think he and I are both really interested in creating a different character. So it’s been a blast. I mean, he’s such a good actor. The metaphor I use is he just has a lot of Crayons in his Crayon box and you can really use all of them to do something, I think, really nuanced.”</blockquote>
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