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1.13 Defend the Ranch

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Things pick up right where last episode ended. The Rodeo Kings have the Walker Ranch surrounded. Liam has just been shot is on the ground bleeding. Walker is at gun point with Clint. The rest of the Walker clan, including Hoyt runs outside and Abeline screams when she sees Liam on the ground. Clint tells everyone not to move. Walker is asked to take off his holster. Walker pleads to take Liam inside and Clint tell him that he is dead now and wants everyone to go inside for a chat. Trevor can't even look Stella in the eyes for what had just happened. Clint promises that no one else will get hurt if everyone just does what he wants. Clint extends a hand to Abeline to help her up and she refuses. Everyone is sitting at the kitchen table and Trevor ties everyone up. Walker wants to know what Clint wants. Clint wants his wife back. Clint and Hoyt have exchange of words and Walker askes again what he wants. Clint's first request is to get Adrianna(aka Micki) to bring Jaxson to the Walker ranch. Walker calls Micki and is asking about Jaxson and thinks its a good idea to question him. Micki tells him that everyone is working on it and reminds of his DPS hearing at 4:00pm. Walker is unable to bring a fugitive to the ranch as it will raise flags. Clint's 2ndd request to for Walker to show him all the pretty horses they have. Walker, again tries to reason with Clint expressing that he already killed Liam. Clint is adamant that action does not make them square and that he wanted to look around to see everything that Walker could potentially lose. Walker is angered by this. Bonham pulls up to ranch, oversees Hoyt's truck. Bonham is walking towards the compound with gun in hand when he sees Liam on the ground. Bonham tells Liam that he is going to get him out of there and brings him to a safe place.

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