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Dagon was a [[Prince of Hell]], one of the oldest of the old [[demons]], created by [[Lucifer]] himself after the creation of [[Lilith]] , and before the sinking of Atlantis. Created Dagon was created to lead the demonic army against the forces of [[Heaven]], at some point in time Dagon and her siblings [[Asmodeus]] and [[Ramiel]] abdicated their rank in [[Hell]] and took to living quiet lives on Earth , with the demon hierarchy spreading the rumor that the Princes of Hell were all killed off to keep anyone from searching for them.
Dagon has yellow irises, no visible pupils, and white sclerae. [[Ramiel]] states that after they left [[Hell]], she occupied herself with "her toys," though it is left unclear what he was referring to. According to [[Castiel]], Dagon is known mostly for her penchant for psychotic savagery. Although Dagon lacks [[Azazel]]'s religious devotion and faith in [[Lucifer]], she begins began working for Lucifer him again after he promises promised that she may rule alongside him and teach his [[Nephilim]] son. It is inferred by Dagon that being in Lucifer's favor, that she was given more powers from him. Like Azazel before her, Dagon's presence causes lightning storms.
===Powers and abilities===
==External References==
* [ Supernatural's Dagon - Prince of Hell] Video Tribute by The Winchester Family Business (Lilah Kane) August 23, 2020

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