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13.14 Good Intentions

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[[Zachariah (Apocalypse World)|Zachariah]] of [[Apocalypse World]] attempting to manipulate [[Jack]]'s mind can be seen as a reference to the original [[Zachariah]], who used his powers to try and manipulate [[Sam]] and [[Dean]] in [[4.17 It's a Terrible Life]] to think they were normal people as well as showing Dean the future in which he continues continued to refuse becoming [[Michael]]'s [[vessel]] in [[5.04 The End]].
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:"Cleanse the holy altar with sacramental water, built on a bed of godsroot. Bless the altar in the tongue of God. Coat a bronze bowl with [[Oil of Abramelin]]. Combine dragon's blood, wolfsbane, [[angelica root]]. Crush into a fine paste. Sprinkle with [[goofer dust]] [...] Mortar and pestle, combine with dead sea brine, virgin lamb's blood and the bone of a lesser saint [...] Mixture, paint three symbols [...] surrounding the altar [...] pastes into the [...] mix thoroughly, top with dried [...] Hearts of [[Gog and Magog]]."

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