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Scripts and Casting Sides

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While we have [[:Category: Transcripts|Transcripts]] of all aired episodes, scripts provide invaluable insights into the writing of the episode including character notes, stage directions and more. The following are links to copies of scripts and casting sides for ''Supernatural''. Most of the copies of scripts have been obtained when they have been auctioned and then shared with the SuperWiki and fandom.
If you are interested in helping obtain scripts to share with fandom, please check out [ SPN Script Hunt] on Tumblr. This wonderful group of fans coordinates on auction bidding. They accept donations from fans to help with the purchase of scripts.
* [[12.21 There's Something About Mary]]
** [https://www.dropboxslideshare.comnet/s/v89xyqb3m6hp89gJulesWilkinson/1221%20There%27s%20Something%20About%20Mary%20Prod%20Draft.pdf?dl=0 -theres-something-about-mary-script There's Something About Mary Script] (Production Draft)
* [[12.23 All Along the Watchtower]]
** [https://www.dropboxslideshare.comnet/s/cvr2d3tvg8y4z95JulesWilkinson/1223%20All%20Along%20the%20Watchtower%20Prod%20Draft.pdf?dl=0 -all-along-the-watchtower-script-production-draft All Along the Watchtower Script] (Production Draft)

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