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* TV Extras Podcast has two episodes out focusing on Supernatural:
** [ Editing Supernatural: The Final Season] with SPN editors John Fitzpatrick, Don Koch and Jimmy Pickel.
** [ Documenting Supernatural: An In-depth Discussion of the Making of the Final Season Extras] **[ Supernatural Production Design with Jerry Wanek]
* The [[Supernatural 15 Seasons: The Crew Member's Souvenir]] is a collection by [[Jerry Wanek]] of photographs from the sets and behind the scenes from 15 seasons of Supernatural. This book has over 390 pages and 850 images of the motels and diners, bars and gas stations, abandoned warehouses, Heaven and Hell and longstanding sets like Bobby's house and the Bunker. It features an introduction by Eric Kripke and messages from Jerry Wanek, Phil Sgriccia, Andrew Dabb and Bob Singer with Jared and Jensen.

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