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* [[Writer and Director Episode Guide]] - the writer and director of every episode
* [[Weren't you in another episode?]] - actors who appeared in multiple episodes.
* [[Table of Death]] - who every one - and thing - died in each epsiodeepisode.
[[File:Walker header.jpg|left|400px]]<br clear="all">
* [ The ATX Television Festival] will feature a "Walker Music Showcase" on June 20 hosted by Lindsey Morgan and Odette Annable, and will have live performances from Erika Wennestrom, Kalu and Mobley.
* [ Odette Annable] who plays [[Geri Broussard]] has been promoted to a series regular for Season 2.
* [ Interview with Jared] by Glamour Magazine
* [ Matt Barr on working with Jared and with Danneel and Jensen]
===Synopsis and promo photos for upcoming episodes ===
* [[1.15 Four Stones in Hand]] : [ Synopsisand photos]
==[[The Boys]]==

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