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Soldier Boy

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[[|right|thumb|300px|Jensen as Soldier Boy]]
[[File:Soldier Boy comics.jpg|right|thumb|300px|Soldier Boy in the comics]]
==In Development==
Jensen also impressively grew out his beard between the end of filming ''Supernatural'' in September 2020 and starting "The Boys" in May 2021, and will sport it in the early appearances of Soldier Boy.
==Soldier Boy in Season 3 of The Boys==
|name= Soldier Boy
|actor= Jensen Ackles
|occupation= Superhero
* [ There is now an official podcast] for ''The Boys'' with interview with the cast, writers and producers.
* [ Kripke posted a reaction shot] from a production meeting for the "Herogasm" episode. In the comics, "Herogasm" is an annual Vought-sponsored bacchanalian weekend of sex, drugs and anything goes.

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