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Garden of Eden

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|text= God loved them so. His prize creations, until He banished them and all of mankind from the perfection of the Garden. And He hid it away.
|author= [[The GirlGuardian]]
|source= [[15.13 Destiny's Child]]
When [[God]] created the world, He created the Garden of Eden, the crossroads between divinity and humanity, where he kept His prize creations, [[Adam and Eve]]. However, [[Gadreel]], the [[angel]] who was tasked to guard Eden and prevent any evil from entering, allowed [[Lucifer]] to enter the Garden. The [[archangel]]'s actions led to the corruption of humanity and their exile from the Garden. The Garden of Eden exists in an alternate realm, having been compressed into an orb by Chuck following humanity's exile. This orb was hidden on Earth and became known as [[the Occultum]]. According to [[Castiel]], no one has been there since the exile of humanity, however the Garden can be accessed if a non-human entity consumes the Occultum.
Within the Garden is a [[The GirlGuardian|young girl]] and an albino python snake. The young girl appears to have great knowledge of the Garden, but her actual purpose is not known. The snake or the nature of the Garden itself appears to have the ability to restore lost [[souls]] in [[soulless]] people.
===[[15.13 Destiny's Child]]===
When [[Jack]] consumed [[the Occultum]], he was sent to the Garden of Eden where he was greeted by a [[The GirlGuardian|little girl]] who explains the history of the Garden. When Jack asked her about how the Garden was supposed to change him, she tells him that the Garden will change him if he's "the one meant to find it." When she leaves, a snake appears from a tree and asks Jack who he is and who he is meant to be. Suddenly, Jack gets flashbacks of his memories, both good and bad and collapses on the ground in tears. Jack is sent back to the church where the Occultum was hidden as ball of light, killing a pair of [[hellhounds]] upon his return.
Later, at [[the Bunker]], Jack is in tears over killing [[Mary Winchester]]. Castiel explains that Jack's time in the Garden has restored his lost [[soul]] and thus his ability to feel emotion.

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