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15.19 Inherit the Earth (transcript)

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Dean: No.
Sam: I couldn't save anybody. Billie…Billie...
Dean: It wasn't Billie. It was Chuck.
Dean: It is, Sam. I think everyone's gone.
Sam calls Jody’s Jody's phone and gets her voice mail: “Hey"Hey, it's Jody. I can't get to the phone right now, so leave a message. "
Dean: Jack, I'm sorry.
Sam calls another number. Another voice message: “Hey"Hey. You know who it is. You know what to do. Catch you later. "
''We pull back from the Winchesters and Jack on the empty street, up and up until we see the Earth from a distance….which explodes into the title card.''
==Act One==
''Int. Sam and Dean enter a deserted diner “Sammy’s "Sammy's highway Café” Café" Music is playing. The TV shows a deserted football field.''
Sam: We can what? There's nothing left, Dean. No one left to save. Everybody's gone.
Jack : You can't just give up.
Sam: What other choice do we have?
Dean: Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa! Look at you. Hey. ( Dog whimpers, sniffs ) Wow. ( Laughs ) How did Chuck miss you? Whoever thought finding a dog would feel like a miracle? Come on, Miracle. Come here. Sammy. Check it out.
Dean: Relax. I'm not giving him shotgun. Unless you're cool with that. I'll get Jack. ( Dog whimpers ) Don't worry about him. He'll warm up to you. Maybe we'll let you sleep in his room. (Dean puts the dog in the back seat of the Impala) Here we go. Good boy. Hey. Come here. You know, believe it or not, you're the best thing that's happened in the last few days. Yeah, you are. Good boy.
''Ext. Night. St Michael’s Michael's Church.''
Michael: When the rapture first began, I took refuge here. It is St. Michael's, you may have noticed.
Dean: Are you hiding out from your dad? I'm sure he's aware I took your side against him. I've avoided using any powers that might attract his attention.
SamMichael: And Adam? Gone. I'm sorry to saysure he's aware I took your side against him. Exterminated by my father, like everyone elseI've avoided using any powers that might attract his attention.
Sam: And Adam?  Michael: Gone. I'm sorry to say. Exterminated by my father, like everyone else.  Dean: Poor bastard never caught a break.  Michael: How did the three of you manage?
Dean: Apparently, your old man has a sense of humor. He thought it would be hilarious to watch the three of us on an empty planet.
Sam (looks at open Bibles) : What, are you, uh... doing some reading?
Michael: I never spent much time on Earth. I was... curious about the perception of God and Heaven.
Sam: Your efforts?
Michael: When God left Heaven, I was certain of his return. So I made sure all of the angels and prophets burnished his image on Earth. The all-knowing, all-seeing, all-caring God.
Dean: Daddy's boy.
Jack: And now? After seeing what Chuck's done?
Dean: We reached out to you. You ignored us.  Michael: That was then. This is now. Tell me what you need me to do.
Sam: Alright, Michael. Here's the book we've been telling you about.
Michael: That's one of Death's books.
Dean: : Yeah, but this one is about God. And how to kill him.
Sam: As far as we know, only Death can open it. But, um... we're hoping, uh... maybe you can, too.
Sam: So, where does this leave us? We need that book open, and we're out of options. Where's it leave us?
Dean: Screwed. I'm sure Chuck's ready to make a move. ( Cellphone rings, vibrates. Caller ID says “Cass” "Cass") What? ( Beep ) Cas?
Castiel: Dean. I'm here. ( Groans ) I'm hurt. Can you let me in?
Dean: You're dead. Uh... yeah, not so much.
Lucifer: Um, after pop nutted out and murdered pretty much everyone in the world, the Empty booted me with orders to find the missing God Book and use it on Chuck. Uh, normally, I'm not very good at following orders, as you guys know, but, uh, you do not want to mess with the Empty, man. Total "B," especially after Jack blew up all over her, and she killed Death. ( Chuckling ) I mean, guys, never a dull moment. But that's the past. What's up?! We're a team again, guys.
Dean: Oh, that is not happening.
Dean: Who is she?
Lucifer: Oh, this is Betty. Betty... Betty, say hi. ( Muffled ) No, no, no. Say hi to the boys. ( Chuckling ) Just getting it straight. Oh, did I mention Betty is a reaper? I'm doing a fly-by, right? Okay. I'll say that again. Betty is a reaper.
Sam: Yes, we heard you. So what?
Sam: You okay?
Dean: ( Spits ) Yeah.
''A scythe appears in Betty’s Betty's hand.''
''Sam and Dean take Betty to the room where God’s God's Book is.''
Lucifer: Alright, well, that's a good thing, 'cause the man had no love to give... Not to you, not to me, not to... humanity. You see that now, right?
Betty: ( Clears throat ) Asshats. I have opened the book. And? And it's in here... all that you want. I know how God ends.
Sam: Wait a second. You're sure about this?
Lucifer (to Jack): So... buddy... you're gonna have to make a decision now. Uh, dump the losers and join Gramps and me on the winning team. ( Imitates crowd cheering ) Of course, this is the only way you're getting out of here alive, 'cause you're not strong enough to fight me now, so... What do you say, kid? What do you say? Come on.
Somebody's behind me?
Dean: How you doing? You okay? (dean Dean gets a beer from the fridge).
Michael: Yeah, a bit winded. I haven't been in a battle like that for several centuries.
==Act Four==
''Ext. Lake. The Impala arrives at a lake. The ingredients for the spell are prepared in three bronze bowls. Sam, Dean, Jack and Michael stand in a circle around them. ''
Dean: Let's light it up.
Chuck: And you two. You know, eternal suffering sounds good on paper, but as a viewing experience, it's just kind of... eh. So we're done. I'm canceling your show.
Sam: Alright. Well... one for the road. ( Sam hits Chuck ) Cute. ( Chuck uses his power to hurt Sam and Dean)
Eh, what the heck. I can get my hands dirty. (Chuck starts beating Sam and Dean). Fellas, give it up now.
Chuck: Why are you smiling?
Sam: Because. You lose. (Sam gestures towards Jack).
Chuck: Hey, Jack.
''Chuck snaps his fingers but nothing happens. Jack walks up to him and places his hands on the sides of Chuck’s Chuck's head. All Chuck’s Chuck's power transfers to Jack. With a snap of his fingers, he heals Sam and Dean.''
''He throws God’s God.s book to him. Chuck flicks through the pages which appear blank.''
''Flashback to Lucifer “Oh"Oh, yeah. "Mikey's a cuck." "''
Dean: See, he didn't take it too well when he found out that you asked Lucifer for help. Oh, he was desperate to be the favorite again.
==Act Five==
''Ext. Hastings, MinnosotaMinnesota. Sam, Dean and Jack get out of the Impala.''
''Jack closes his eyes. We shots of deserted places around the world… world... and suddenly the people re-appear.''
''Sam and Dean get up. On the table Castiel and Jack’s Jack's names have neem carved in, added to Dean, Sam and Mary’s Mary's initials.''

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