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Kaia Nieves

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|name= Kaia Nieves
|actor= [ Yadira Guevara-Prip]
|dates= 1998 (born)
|location= Sioux Falls, South Dakota
|occupation= [[Dreamwalking|Dreamwalker]]
As a [[dreamwalker]], Kaia can see into other worlds. One of these worlds, which she has dubbed "[[the Bad Place]]" was the only world she would visit in her dreams. It is a place of blood, death, and monsters. Any injuries she incurs in the Bad Place follow her into the waking world, causing Kaia to take amphetamines to stay awake. Just before meeting Jack and the Winchesters, Kaia was found in an abandoned tenement building in Minnesota, having overdosed on prescription amphetamines, and was sent to a rehab facility.
After being recruited by [[Jack]] to help rescue [[Mary Winchester]] from [[Apocalypse World]], Kaia traveled to the Bad Place with [[Claire Novak]] in an effort to save the Winchesters, who had gotten trapped there. However, while protecting Claire from a mysterious hooded figure, Kaia was hit impaled with a [[Kaia's Spear|the cloaked figure's spear ]] and apparently killed. The hooded figure is later revealed to be [[Dark Kaia]], her Bad Place counterpart with whom Kaia has shared a connection her entire life due to both being dreamwalkers born at the same time in different worlds.
Two years later, Dark Kaia reveals that Kaia is alive, having mended her wound before making her way to the Winchesters' world, leaving Kaia trapped in the Bad Place for two years. With the Bad Place on the verge of destruction at the hands of [[Chuck]], Dark Kaia helps Sam and Dean return to the Bad Place to save her and chooses to stay behind to die with her world. Sam and Dean manage to rescue Kaia, who chooses to move to Sioux Falls with [[Jody Mills]].
Distressed at having left Kaia trapped in the Bad Place, the Winchesters, Castiel, and Jody attempt to find a way back to rescue her as they can't use Jack's powers without risking alerting [[God]] to his [[resurrection]]. However, after seeing a scared Kaia huddling and singing to herself through Dark Kaia, Jack decides to help save his friend. Eventually, with the help of the [[Reaper]] [[Merle]], they find a way to shield Jack's use of his powers long enough for him to open a [[portal]] back to the Bad Place. Dark Kaia leads Sam and Dean to her old home, where they find Kaia, who embraces Dean before angrily turning on Dark Kaia. However, Sam reassures Kaia that Dark Kaia is on their side and helped them rescue her. With little time left, the group prepares to return to the portal, but Dark Kaia refuses to join them, deciding to die with the Bad Place.
Sam, Dean, and Kaia return to the bunker where Kaia is reunited with Jody. Kaia changes out of the clothes she has been wearing for the past two years and into some of Jack's clothes. When Jack asks how Kaia survived for two years in the Bad Place, she simply cites ''Miss Mary Mack'', a nursery rhyme her mother used to sing to her. Jody offers Kaia the chance to return to Sioux Falls with her, which Kaia accepts, pleased to learn that [[Claire Novak|Claire]] will be home soon too. She thanks everyone before leaving the Bunker with Jody.

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