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Season 15 Callbacks

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* Dean's death and Sam's life after it are an echo of what Dean told Sam in [[8.14 Trial and Error]], where Dean tells Sam he will live a long life into old age with children and grandchildren.
* Sam dies of old age in the distant future, echoing what Dean said to Sam in [[8.16 Remember the Titans]] after [[Prometheus]]'s funeral pyre, that Sam is going to live a long life and will one day die of something normal like a heart attack rather than supernatural causes.
* Much like when Castiel told Dean he could find Sam by following the road in Heaven in [[5.16 Dark Side of the Moon]], upon arriving in Heaven, the first thing Dean does is drive until he meets up with Sam. Previously, Castiel calls it the [[Heaven#Axis_Mundi|Axis Mundi]]; : a path that runs through Heaven which is seen differently by each soul in Heaven, and for . For Dean in both cases, it's a "two-lane asphalt", though it starts off as a dirt road outside the roadhouse until he drives into the woods and eventually reaches the bridge.
* Dean's death on a random [[vampire]] hunt can be tied back to [[5.16 Dark Side of the Moon]]. In the episode, [[Ash]] reveals that Sam and Dean have both died "more than anyone I’ve ever met", but were always sent back with their memories wiped by [[God]] or the angels.

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