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Season 15 Callbacks

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Meta References
* Castiel is able to heal Sam's wound and mend his shirt. In Eclipse Magazine 2009, Misha explained: “Not only can Castiel heal the human body he’s possessing, but he has magical clothes mending abilities as well.”
* In [[15.04 Atomic Monsters]], we find Becky is still a ''Supernatural'' fan, writing fanfic and making miniatures. The ''Supernatural'' merchandise in Becky's house was a combination of commercial ''Supernatural'' merchandise, items made by fans, and some things made for the show. The plaid quilt and other sewn items were made by Stef, aka @arachnobite, who also made Jensen's Red Hood and Batman costumes. A carved Supernatural-themed chess set in the living room was gifted to Jared at [[EyeCon September 2008|EyeCon]] in September 2008 by by Sandra Echeverri (@Sanpao19).<br>
* Becky's notes about [[Chuck]]'s new manuscript in [[15.04 Atomic Monsters]] can be seen as a meta commentary on the episode itself. Many of her notes such as there being no classic rock and neither Sam nor Dean mentioning Castiel and a cornered Sam and Dean listening to the "villain's" monologue happen in the episode. Her claims that the story has low stakes cause Chuck to write a new dark ending, which is mirrored in the episode when he disintegrates Becky and her husband. Throughout the series, there have been [[Meta Episodes|multiple episodes]] which tackle meta nods of several kinds.
* In [[15.07 Last Call]], [[Lee Webb]] quips that Dean can't just lip-sync to "Eye of the Tiger" when no one's watching. This is a reference to the Jensen Sings outtake for [[4.06 Yellow Fever]] where [[Jensen Ackles]] lip-syncs to "Eye of the Tiger."
* In [[15.10 The Heroes' Journey]], the Winchesters and Garth talk about how Sam and Dean are the heroes of the story while Garth is just a special guest star or a recurring character and not a main hero. Garth says he's fine with that, as he believes being the hero sucks because their lives are hellish until they win, which they always do eventually.

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