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* The [[Supernatural 15 Seasons: The Crew Member's Souvenir]] is a collection by [[Jerry Wanek]] of photogrpahs from the sets and behind the scenes from 15 seasons of Supernatural. This book has over 390 pages and 850 images of the motels and diners, bars and gas stations, abandoned warehouses, Heaven and Hell and longstanding sets like Bobby's house and the Bunker. It features an introduction by Eric Kripke and messages from Jerry Wanek, Phil Sgriccia, Andrew Dabb and Bob Singer with Jared and Jensen. ** [ Preorder here]. * [[Radio Company]] the band of Jensen and Steve Carlson, will release their second album, Vol. 2., on May 7th. It will be available on digital platforms, as well as vinyl and a CD featuring both Vol 1 and Vol 2. ** [ Album preview] * Last October, [ it was announced that Jensen and Danneel] had formed a new production company called ''Chaos Machine'' and signed a multi-year deal with Warner Bros. Television. This week ''Chaos Machine'' [ posted its logo is now on Instagram], possibly heralding an upcoming announcement. * As filming starts on Season 3 of [[The Boys]], it has been announced that [ a number of ''Supernatural'' alumni are joining the series]. In addition to and Jensen, confirmed they include writer [[Meredith Glynn]] who is fresh off ''Supernatural'', and [[David Reed]] who left our show in 2012and has since worked on Revolution, Aquarius and The Magicians. They will both join the series as who joins as Executive Producers. [[Jim Michaels]] who was a co-executive producer based in Vancouver for ''Supernatural'' heads to Toronto to take on the same role. Already on-board alongside [[Eric Kripke]] are Executive Producer and director [[Phil Sgriccia]] who left ''Supernatural'' at the end of Season 14, and composer [[Christopher Lennertz]]would announce their first project soon.* [ Register now] for the GISH Wizards & Weirdos Mini-Hunt taking place over March 6 and 7. It's a hunt you can do at home, with special host Felicia Day!

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