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Season 15 Callbacks

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15.16 Drag Me Away (From You)
** In [[Season 11]], Castiel allowed [[Lucifer]] to possess him to escape from [[the Cage]] to aid in the fight against Amara.
** In [[Season 12]], after Sam uses the [[Hyperbolic Pulse Generator]] to exorcise Lucifer out of [[President Jefferson Rooney]] and supposedly send him back to the Cage, Crowley secretly altered Rowena's spell to send him to the [[Needham Asylum]] instead, where he had prepared his original vessel [[Nick]] to contain Lucifer's essence. He used runes and spellwork from the Cage carved into every molecule to effectively torture the fallen archangel, planning to use him as "[his] own personal nuke" to prevent any other demon from usurping the throne.
* The [[Baba Yaga]] is the fourth monster defeated years before that the Winchesters have had to come back to finish for good. The first was the [[shtriga]] in [[1.18 Something Wicked]], the second was the [[Jeffrey!Demon|demon]] in [[7.15 Repo Man]] (though it's revealed that the killer is [[Jeffrey]] who lured the Winchesters back to Coeur d'Alene, Idaho, to use Dean's blood to successfully summon the demon back), and the third was the [[Soul Eater]] in [[11.16 Safe House]] (though the Soul Eater was an old case of Bobby's and Rufus's and not the Winchesters, and at the end of the episode, they head off to kill another one from an earlier case Bobby worked in Tennessee).
===[[15.17 Unity]]===

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