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Season 15 Callbacks

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References to Past Events
==References to Past Events==
===[[15.01 Back and to the Future]]===
* [[Belphegor]] wears a discarded pair of white sunglasses to hide Jack's burned out eyes, much like how Raul covered his injured eye with an eyepatch in [[10.07 Girls, Girls, Girls]] to blend into their surroundings.
* [[Dean]] speculates that [[Chuck]]'s actions may have unlocked [[Lucifer's Cage]] and freed [[Michael]] where he was trapped at the end of [[5.22 Swan Song]].
* [[Belphegor]] refers to Dean's time in [[Hell]] as a torturer under [[Alastair]] between Seasons 3 and 4.
* Confronted with [[John Wayne Gacy]]'s [[Hell Ghost|ghost]], [[Sam]] has to face his fear of [[clowns]] like in [[7.14 Plucky Pennywhistle's Magical Menagerie]].
* One of the ghosts released from Hell resembles Lizzie Borden, a murderer from Fall River, Massachusetts referenced in [[11.05 Thin Lizzie]] who killed her father and stepmother in her house with a hatchet. Fall River, Massachusetts is also where Crowley, Lucifer, and [[Asmodeus]] based their Earth-side operations in the [[Needham Asylum]] between Seasons 10 and 13.* Belphegor's spell to make a mile-wide force field to prevent any ghosts from entering and exiting Harlan, Kansas is reminiscent of [[Samuel Colt]]'s 100 square mile [[devil's trap]] surrounding the [[Devil's Gate in Wyoming]] in [[Fossil Butte Cemetery]] from [[2.22 All Hell Breaks Loose: Part Two]].
* Sam says "[[We Got Work to Do]]" and closes the trunk, while the image briefly flashes to the Winchesters closing the trunk at the end of [[1.01 Pilot]].
* [[Ketch]] and [[Rowena]] refer to their previous meeting, when the [[British Men of Letters]] captured Rowena several years prior and during her interrogation Ketch discovered that she implanted a special [[Resurrection Charm|charm]] that could revive her if she is ever killed. In exchange for her release, Ketch made a deal with her to have the same charm implanted in his body, which he later used when he was killed by [[Mary Winchester]] in [[12.22 Who We Are]].<ref>[[13.07 War of the Worlds]]</ref>
* Belphegor stated that souls from Hell can't go to Heaven, though [[John]] and [[Bobby]] went to Heaven in [[2.22 All Hell Breaks Loose: Part Two]] and [[8.19 Taxi Driver]] following their time in Hell, but he explains that Chuck made an exception for them. However, [[Trials|the second trial]] to close the gates of Hell is to free an innocent soul from hell and send it to Heaven, implying that Chuck changed the rules about Hell against Sam and Dean's favor.
* [[Francis Tumblety]] attempted to absorbed absorb [[Kevin Tran]]'s spirit, the last time this act among [[ghosts]] had been seen was with [[Whitman Van Ness]] in [[7.19 Of Grave Importance]].
* Rowena created another [[soul catcher]] much like the one used in [[11.23 Alpha and Omega]], though unlike last time, it can only capture a few ghosts at a time and the magic word is "Capare" instead of "Haggis". Despite how different both soul catchers are, they are both powerful weapons regardless of how many souls they contain.
* Amara talks about how Chuck and his [[archangels]] sealed her away, as mentioned by [[Death]] in [[10.23 Brother's Keeper]], and is now doing the same thing to him in his weakened state.
===[[15.03 The Rupture]]===
* [[Lilith]] is mentioned when her method of controlling [[demons]] working on Earth is explained via her [[Lilith's Crook|crook]], which offers a way to stop the "Ghostpocalypse."
* [[Ardat]] finds out their plans by posing as [[Arthur Ketch]] on his cell phone after killing him. Ketch previously posed as [[Mick Davies]] in the same manner after killing Mick in order to trick the Winchesters into a hunt so that he and a team could bug the Bunker in [[12.18 The Memory Remains]].
* Belphegor's plan to take in a vast number of [[souls]] so their power would make him invincible and God-like recalls Castiel actions in opening the [[portal]] to [[Purgatory]] and absorbing the souls there. This gave him great power and he proclaimed himself the [[Godstiel|new God]]until he returned the souls to Purgatory. <ref>[[6.22 The Man Who Knew Too Much]]</ref><ref>[[7.01 Meet the New Boss]]</ref>* Rowena's sacrifice in [[15.03 The Rupture]] is amalgamation of Sam's sacrifice in [[5.22 Swan Song]] and [[Crowley]]'s sacrifice in [[12.23 All Along the Watchtower]]. Her last words, "goodbye, boys," mirrors Crowley's own "bye, boys."She falls into Hell along with all the Hell Ghosts much like how Sam imprisoned Lucifer along with Adam and Michael.
===[[15.04 Atomic Monsters]]===
* Sam's nightmare is of a world where he embraced the [[demon blood]] and went full [[Dark Side]]. It's revealed that he had killed [[Bobby]] and [[Jody]] and is the leader of a [[demon]] army, as [[Azazel]] intended in [[2.21 All Hell Breaks Loose: Part One]]. When he kills [[Dean]] with his psychic powers, his eyes went black as they did when he killed [[Lilith]] in [[4.22 Lucifer Rising]]. * In the Bunker's kitchen, [[Benny]]'s last words to Dean are "I'll see you on the other side, brother." mirroring what Benny said to Dean in [[8.07 A Little Slice of Kevin]] before getting carried out of Purgatory. Benny also calls Dean "Brother" all throughout [[Season 8]].
* [[Becky Rosen]] references the plot to [[7.08 Season Seven, Time for a Wedding!]] in which she drugged Sam with a love potion and married him in Las Vegas.
* Chuck typing the story on Becky's computer at the end of [[15.04 Atomic Monsters]] is reminiscent of the ending of [[9.18 Meta Fiction]] when [[Metatron]] is typing more recent events in the form of a story on his typewriter. Both characters also talk about knowing the end of the story and working out how they get there.

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