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Neil (Djinn)

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|occupation= [[Djinn]]<br>Nurse
|episodes= [[14.05 Nightmare Logic]]
|text= Djinn -- What powers do we really have? Trapping our little flies, weaving our poisonous webs inside people's minds. It's all so… limiting. Now, one touch -- I read minds, see nightmares. And because of him, because of you, I can bring those nightmares into the world. Make them do whatever I want.
|author= Neil
|source= [[14.05 Nightmare Logic]]
Neil was a djinn who was enhanced by [[Michael (Apocalypse World)|Michael]] and tasked with laying traps to lure and kill [[hunters]]. After poisoning [[Patrick Rawling]] -- making it appear as if he had a stroke -- Neil assumed the identity of a nurse, where he slowly took Patrick's blood while waiting for hunters to fall into his trap. One male hunter is known to have fallen victim before [[Maggie (Apocalypse World)|Maggie]] was captured by him. Neil appears to be part of the offshoot djinn who feed off fear, though because of the modifications to his powerswere enhanced by Michael, he doesn't leave behind a blue handprint on his victims.

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