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Michael's Monsters

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Enhanced djinn can read people's mind just by touching them and find out what they fear most; they can then cause these to [[Nightmare Creatures|manifest]], and control them to do the djinn's bidding. [[Neil (Djinn)|Neil]] is likely part of the offshoot djinn who feed off fear, much like [[Jennifer O'Brian]] and her son in [[8.20 Pac-Man Fever]], which leave behind blue handprints on their victims. Since Neil's abilities were enhanced by Michael, he doesn't leave behind any blue handprints, essentially covering his tracks. They can be killed by bashing their heads in and [[Neil (Djinn)|one]] implies that they are still vulnerable to a silver knife dipped in lamb's blood like normal regular and offshoot djinn.<ref name="fourteen05">[[14.05 Nightmare Logic]]</ref>

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