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Neil (Djinn)

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Neil was feeding off the blood of his victims, while making them experience fear, meaning he was part of the offshoot djinn from 8.20 Pac-Man Fever.
Neil was a djinn who was enhanced by [[Michael (Apocalypse World)|Michael]] and tasked with laying traps to lure and kill [[hunters]]. After poisoning [[Patrick Rawling]] -- making it appear as if he had a stroke -- Neil assumed the identity of a nurse, where he slowly took Patrick's blood while waiting for hunters to fall into his trap. One male hunter is known to have fallen victim before [[Maggie (Apocalypse World)|Maggie]] was captured by him. Neil appears to be part of the offshoot djinn who feed off fear, though because of the modifications to his powers, he doesn't leave behind a blue handprint on his victims.

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