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Castiel (Apocalypse World)

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This version of Castiel from [[Apocalypse World]] is considered a master torturer/interrogator in [[Michael (Apocalypse World)|Michael]]'s army. Since [[Sam ]] and [[Dean ]] were never born in Apocalypse World, this version of Castiel never rebelled against the angels or stopped the [[Apocalypse]] and turned against humanity along with the rest of angelkindangel-kind.
Like the prime universe's version of [[Castiel]], this one uses [[Jimmy Novak]] as his [[vessel]]. This Castiel has a pronounced facial tic -- a lip twitch -- as well as a clouded-over left eye, suggesting that he might be half blind. In addition to operating from a more brutal and ruthless mindset, Castiel speaks in a German accent for an unknown reason and appears to be a coward, fleeing at the first sign of attack rather than fighting. Like the prime version of Castiel, he wears a suit and trench coat, although his is in a style reflective of a Nazi officer's uniform. Unlike the other angels of Apocalypse World, this Castiel does not fly or teleport for an unknown reason. He arrives on the scene driving a Humvee.
Making his way to his Humvee, Castiel is stopped by his [[Castiel|alternate Earth doppelgänger]]. Seeing another version of himself, Castiel finds it fascinating. While held at blade point by Cas, Castiel questions why he aligns himself with humanity and tells his double not to judge him, claiming they are the same. Cas agrees with his statement, but states that he vastly prefers humans over angels before driving an [[angel blade]] into Castiel, killing him.
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===[[14.03 The Scar]]===
===[[14.10 Nihilism]]===
Michael tells Cas that his version of Castiel wouldn't be so "anemic" compared to the one fathering a [[nephilimNephilim]], though Castiel calls "Bad Cas" weak.

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