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13.22 Exodus

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[[Sam]] walks into the resistance outpost with [[Lucifer]] trailing behind him. Lucifer takes the credit for Sam being alive and claims he is there to help defeat [[Michael (Apocalypse World)|Michael]]. He also reveals that without his [[grace]] keeping the portal open, it will close in 31 hours. As Lucifer begins to approach [[Jack]], [[Dean]] immediately intervenes, angrily warning Jack not to listen to Lucifer and demanding Lucifer not talk to Jack. They argue over the semantics of who is Jack’s family, angering Dean enough he orders [[Gabriel]] to kill Lucifer, but Gabriel claims he recognizes his little brother is not strong enough to do so. All the fighting begins to upset Jack, who disappears. [[Castiel]] grabs some binding handcuffs out of Dean’s backpack and uses them to restrain the weakened Lucifer, which Lucifer does not resist as a show of good will.
Sam apologizes to Dean for leading Lucifer to them, but Dean absolves him, telling Sam he only cares that he is alive. They [[hugs|hug]] and Dean admits that he thought he lost him. The boys then approach [[Mary]], keen to return with her through the [[portal|rift]]. Mary admits she is not planning on going back with the boys, telling them that she understands what they went through, but that she respects the people at the camp, and she has fought beside them and doesn’t want to abandon them. As Dean starts to argue with Mary, he looks to Sam to back him up, but Sam respects Mary's wish not to leave her people behind, and instead suggests they take the people with them back through the portal where they can safely plan on how to attack Michael.
When Bobby learns that Charlie and Ketch have been taken in a trap, Dean, Sam, Cas, and Bobby follow up with the person that told Charlie about the kill squad. As the man is unwilling to talk, Castiel uses his powers to interrogate him, and he eventually gives Dean and Sam the information they need.
Ketch and Charlie have been taken to an empty [[Gas-N-Sip ]] after being captured. The angels torture Ketch while Charlie watches, but Ketch proves resistant, prompting the interrogator to reveal that he has placed a call to an “expert”, who soon arrives in the form of [[Castiel (Apocalypse World)|Castiel]]. Still in [[Jimmy Novak]]’s [[vessel]], he has a previous eye injury, a pronounced facial tic, and he speaks with an accent. He tells a bound Charlie that eventually everyone hits their breaking point and that once he finds hers, her secrets will flow out until her mind no longer exists. As he places his hands on Charlie's head and begins his process, the lights go out. As the angels check the perimeter, the Winchesters and Jack attack, killing the angels and saving Charlie and Ketch. As Castiel flees, he comes face to face with his double near his vehicle. Fascinated, Castiel questions Cas' allegiance to the humans, telling him they are the same. Cas agrees, before stabbing Castiel with an angel blade and killing him.
At Bobby’s, the vote has been taken and to Sam and Dean's surprise, everyone has agreed to go with them to their world, including Bobby. Questioning how they will be able to get everyone to the rift, Dean notices an old school bus in the salvage yard, and after tuning it up, they pile on. When Gabriel questions letting Lucifer drive, Dean tells him it's so that Castiel can keep an eye on him. As the group prepares to leave, Jack tries to split from the group to go and kill Michael, but is talked out of going by Sam and Lucifer. The group arrives to find the rift starting to close, but to their shock, it begins to glow open again as [[Rowena]] doubles her efforts in [[the Bunker]]. Ketch, Mary, Jack, and Charlie lead the refugees through the rift into the Bunker until Sam, Dean, Lucifer, Gabriel and three others are left behind. Michael dive-bombs into the area, killing the three others in the resulting explosion. As Michael makes his presence known, Lucifer stands to fight him, but a short exchange leads to Lucifer's defeat. Michael notices Gabriel, who tells Sam and Dean to go, saying that he will not run anymore. With their [[archangel blade]]s in hand, Gabriel moves on Michael. The two exchange blows, and Michael is able to overpower Gabriel, and stabs him with his blade. Gabriel goes limp in Michael's arms, and he places the dead body on the ground as Sam and Dean get ready to leave. Dean goes through the rift first, and as Lucifer comes up, Sam holds him back. Lucifer argues he’s hurt, but Sam throws him to the ground, asking how he thought things would end, and goes through the rift just as it closes, before Michael can reach it.
* [[Black Grimoire]]
* [[Dark Side]]
* [[Gas-N-Sip]]
* [[Hugs]]
* [[Men of Letters Bunker]]

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