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Donatello didn't recognize Asmodeus's dark aura in 13.13 Devil's Bargain, unlike in 13.02 The Rising Son when he feels Asmodeus's dark aura from a long distance.
* Ergokinesis – Due to Gabriel's grace, Asmodeus showed the ability to wield energy blasts.
* Invulnerability – Asmodeus was shown to be invulnerable to most standard attacks, as well having the ability to completely bypass the [[Men of Letters Bunker]]'s [[Warding Sigils|warding]]. As Azazel was impervious to holy water, it can be assumed this extended to Asmodeus as well.
* [[Shapeshifting]] – Asmodeus was the only demon to show the ability to shapeshift due to his usage of archangel grace. A layer of white smoke would envelop his body, allowing him to take on the form of any person, demon, or angel. As he briefly took Castiel's form, his shapeshifting ability is also shown to conceal his dark aura, even from [[Donatello Redfield]], although the prophet could still feel his presence.* [[Mind control]] – Asmodeus was able to give humans directives against their will, as evidenced when he turned [[Donatello Redfield]] into a sleeper agent.
* [[Smiting]] – Due to the archangel grace, Asmodeus was able to turn people into dust with a gesture, as well as burn demons from the inside of their meatsuits.
* [[Telekinesis]] – With archangel grace he was able to easily overpower Castiel and Lucifer with a hand gesture.
* [[Archangel]]s – Higher beings such as archangels were able to inflict harm and kill Asmodeus. Lucifer was able to permanently scar Asmodeus' [[meatsuit]] at some point in the past, and the weakened Gabriel was able to kill him through spontaneous combustion, despite being weakened by Asmodeus's consumption of his archangel grace.
* [[The Colt]] – The Colt can kill a Prince of Hell as seen with the death of [[Azazel]].
* [[Lance of Michael]] – Being pierced with the lance would have killed Asmodeus. However, it is unknown if the archangel grace coursing through him would have caused him to die a slower death rather than an instant one like his brother [[Ramiel]].

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