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Hellhound Glasses

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Ramsey soon arrives at the [[Impala]] and jumps on top of the car. Sam retrieves an [[angel blade]] and attempts to confront her. Ramsey leaps at him and pins him to the ground, knocking off his glasses. Gwen scrambles in the back seat for a weapon and grabs the [[green cooler]]. She blindly clobbers Ramsey with it, giving Sam time to get to his feet, but he is still unable to see Ramsey without his glasses. He can see her footfalls raising dust and waits for her to jump again, then stabs her with the angel blade, killing her.
* The [[British Men of Letters]] appear to be unaware that hellhounds can be seen though glass objects scorched with holy fire as [[Toni Bevell]] questions how [[Mr. Ketch]] could tell if the hellhound Crowley provided him sat upon hearing his dog whistle.
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