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Geri Broussard

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|location= Austin, Texas
|occupation= Owner/Bartender|episodes= [[1.01 Pilot]] [[1.02 Back in the Saddle]] [[1.03 Bobble Head]] [[1.06 Bar None]] [[1.09 Rule No. 17]] [[1.11 Freedom]]
Geraldine Broussard, also known as "Geri" is the bartender and owner of the local bar in Austin, Side Step. Geri is a business woman and has a good strong head on her shoulders. Geri has been friends with [[Cordell Walker]] and Emily for a long time. Geri often would assist [[Emily Walker]] with delivering supplies to campers at the Texas-Mexico border. Geri was the one who found the body of Emily after she was killed. Geri shares in the tragedy and grief of her death. Geri and Walker are helping each other through the process. There is a deep friendship there and this is important to her. Geri and [[Hoyt Rawlins]] used to have a romance back in the day and it's unclear if she will rekindle it or with someone new.

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