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The Empty

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|text= Why do they call this place the "The Empty"? ItThis place is ''s full''. It's full of sorrow and despair playing over and over again, of angels and demons dreaming about their regrets. Forever, forever.
|author= [[Ruby]]
|source= [[15.13 Destiny's Child]]
Sam encounters the [[Cosmic Entity]], still using the form of [[Meg]], in [[Death's Reading Room]], killing reapers in a futile attempt to call Billie's attention when it notices Sam. The Entity tells him that the Empty was supposed to belong to it with not even [[God]] holding sway but that it was actually all "sweet little lies" as Chuck revived Lilith and Nick previously contacted and summoned Lucifer in a failed attempt to revive him. Billie had promised to make it all better when she took over, but Castiel's visit to the Empty to see [[Ruby]] shook the Entity's faith in Billie's trustworthiness.
She The entity reveals that Billie is planning to take over as the new God upon Chuck and [[Amara]]'s deaths and her first move would be to return everyone to where they belong, including sending the entity it back to sleep in the Empty. When it tortures Sam, he deceives it by stating that Billie sent him to retrieve [[Chuck's Death Book]] and assure assures it that Billie will honor their deal. When it asks if he's lying, Sam respond says that if it kills him, they all lose and it will never go back to sleep, whereas they all win if he leaves with the book. The entity allows Sam to leave the library with the bookin hand.
===[[15.18 Despair]]===
[[Billie]] teleports [[Jack]] to the Empty where he detonates in front of the [[Cosmic Entity]]. Billie explains that due to the Entity's vast powervastness, it is the only thing that can hope to contain the blast with Chuck and Amara out of the picture. Both Jack and the Entity reform and the Entity appears horror-struckand agonized, stating that Jack "made it loud." Before the Entity can harm Jack, Billie teleports him back to Earth, much to its annoyance.
Later, after Castiel experiences true happiness once he admits his love for Dean, a [[portal]] to the Empty opens and dark tendrils emerge and absorb Castiel and Billie before dragging them through the portal.

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