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15.19 Inherit the Earth (transcript)

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''Deserted streets are shown around the world – Kyoto, New York City.   In Hastings Minnesota, Sam and Jack wander along an empty street where all the people have disappeared. Dean arrives in the Impala. ''
Sam: Everyone's gone. You see anybody on the way here?
Sam calls another number. Another voice message: “Hey. You know who it is. You know what to do. Catch you later. “
''We pull back from the Winchesters and Jack on the empty street, up and up until we see the Earth from a distance….which explodes into the title card.''
==Act One==
   ''Int. Sam and Dean enter a deserted diner “Sammy’s highway Café” Music is playing. The TV shows a deserted football field. ''
Dean: It brings a whole new meaning to the term "sudden death."
Chuck: Guys... Guys! No, wait. G-Guys... Guys, wait! Guys, wait! Guys, wait! Wait, wait, wait! Please wait! Guys!
==Act Five==
Ext. Hastings, Minnosota. Sam, Dean and Jack get out of the Impala.

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