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In 2017, it's revealed that the [[reaper]] [[Billie]] has taken Death's place due to a rule stating that the next reaper to die after an incarnation of Death is killed becomes Death themselves. Billie works with the Winchesters from 2019 to 2020 to take down [[God]], but it's revealed that her true plan is to take power as the new God once God and [[the Darkness]] are gone. Mortally wounded by Dean, Billie attempts to kill him as her last act but is absorbed into [[the Empty]] by the [[Cosmic Entity]], whom she had also double-crossed.
A third incarnation of Death is created soon after Billie is taken to the Empty. In order to read His [[Chuck's Death Book|death book]], Chuck has Lucifer create a new Death by killing a reaper named Betty, whom he eventually kills again as soon as she opens the book and , but before she can reveal its contents, leaving no current incarnation of Death.

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