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Alex Jones

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* The missing poster marks her date of disappearance as February 29, 2006, but the leap year only occurs every four years and did not occur since 2004 in that time until 2008 when it was used in [[3.13 Ghostfacers]].
* After [[13.10 Wayward Sisters]], Alex is the only member of the Wayward Sisters cast aside from Jody, Donna, Dark Kaia and Kaia to ever make any sort of an appearance again, albeit over the phone. Neither Claire nor Patience ever made any sort of an appearance again.
* In [[13.10 Wayward Sisters]], Alex is shown working at Sioux Falls General Hospital the same hospital infiltrated by the [[Leviathans]] in [[7.02 Hello, Cruel World]] and which Jody had to flee from after discovering that her surgeon was a monster.
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