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Claire Novak

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The following year, 2017, the Winchesters ran into Claire who was working the same werewolf case as them, although Jody thought she was off looking at new colleges. Claire and the boys worked together, but she was attacked by the werewolf. The boys managed to cure her with the help of [[Mick Davies]]. Despite this incident, Claire insisted she would continue to hunt alone.
After the Winchesters vanish into [[the Bad Place]], Claire returns to her family to help save her friends, having gone on several successful hunts on her own. Claire develops feelings for [[dreamwalker]] [[Kaia Nieves]] with whom she rescues Sam and Dean, only to lose Kaia to a mysterious cloaked figure in the Bad Place. Claire then vows revenge even if she has to find a way back to the Bad Place to get at Kaia's killer, unaware that she has crossed into their universe.
Over the next two years, Claire remains obsessed with revenge upon Kaia's killer, revealed to be Kaia's Bad Place counterpart [[Dark Kaia]], an obsession that only grows upon learning that Dark Kaia is in her world. When Dark Kaia is eventually captured, Claire is ironically out of cell phone range following up on a false lead on Dark Kaia and so misses out on the revelation that Kaia is in fact still alive and trapped in the Bad Place. After the Winchesters rescue Kaia from the Bad Place, she chooses to return to Sioux Falls with Jody who reassures Kaia that Claire will be home soon.

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