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Supernatural: Nevermore

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* In the book, the Winchesters hunt a [[Banshee]] which is depicted as a type of [[ghost]] unlike the kind seen in [[11.11 Into the Mystic]]. The ghost is not put to rest although her murder is solved as the Winchesters need to turn her body over to the police in order to ensure that she gets justice. At the end of the novel, her ghost is shown to still be hanging around, although she has no hostile intentions and simply doesn't know how to move on. In ''[[Supernatural: Bone Key]]'', it's mentioned that she has not caused any trouble since.
* The main bad guy is a deranged human [[serial killer]] rather than a monster.
* [[Victor HenricksenHenriksen]] makes a brief cameo at the end searching for the Winchesters.

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